Warrior Success Stories

Kathy Rogers

Age Diagnosed with Parkinson’s: 68

Home Gym: DTS

“P4P has me exercising, meeting great people, helped me with balance and strengthening, and enjoying it.”

P4P Warrior Kathy Rogers

What are your symptoms?

Left sided tremor, arm and leg, some left sided mouth tremor; clenching of left hand, left arm ache from muscle contraction; slowness, frequently tripping/ stumbling over my own feet; SEVERE anxiety and apathy, until started on medication; frequently dreaming and acting out my dreams when asleep (talking, screaming, punching my husband); fatigue

How did you hear about Punches 4 Parkinson’s (P4P)?

My oldest daughter found out about P4P and encouraged me to go.

How important do you feel it is to stay physically active while living with Parkinson’s?

I did NOTHING the first year I was diagnosed w/ Parkinson’s, due to both my apathy, covid, and my unplanned-for retirement.
Since starting P4P, I have gotten much stronger, and my left arm doesn’t ache as much. Most importantly, I have met some great people that I can identify with, and who are very supportive. I feel the program is VERY important.

How has training with P4P impacted your symptoms?

P4P is helping me with strengthening, balance, and my left arm aches less.

Have you ever boxed before P4P?


Besides for training your body, how else does the organization support you?

As mentioned above, the propels I’ve met are terrific! kind, funny, very encouraging and supportive.

What does the organization mean to you, and how has it impacted your life?

I have never exercised before. P4P has me exercising, meeting great people, helped me with balance and strengthening, and enjoying it.

And my family (a husband, many siblings, 4 adult children, 3 granddaughters) are so proud of me that I’ve addressed my Parkinson’s and are doing something about it; th at I’m doing everything I can to keep minimize the effects of this disease and be healthy

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