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Punch 4 Parkinson’s (P4P) is a charitable organization focused on developing, implementing and funding non-combat boxing programs for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Research has shown that high-intensity exercise like boxing slows and oftentimes reverses the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms, and we’ve seen first-hand the remarkable physical and cognitive benefits.

See how we’re helping Cathy fight Parkinson’s

“I feel like I can beat this crazy disease. I’m not alone which is really important for my mental health.” ~Beth Negri, P4P Warrior
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Parkinson’s Warriors Funded

$1 Million

Dollars Raised


Annual cost to fund one warrior

Every 9 Minutes

Someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

Our Impact on Parkinson’s Disease

Established in 2015, Punch 4 Parkinson’s has raised over $1 million and supported over 400 Warriors in combating Parkinson’s each day. We partner with carefully vetted boxing training centers sanctioned through USA Boxing, Inc. to provide hands-on training, giving those with Parkinson’s a fighting chance at a longer, better quality life.

How boxing can help people with Parkinson’s

High intensity exercise is proven to be beneficial for slowing the progression of Parkinson’s as well as other chronic diseases including MS and ALS. As one of the top types of exercises recommended for people with Parkinson’s, the boxing regimen incorporates stretching, punching, core and footwork, vocal exercises, and mental sequencing. Healthcare practitioners have seen improvement in their patients Parkinson’s symptoms, including:

balance, and flexibility

Improves gait, balance, and flexibility

combats loss of voice

Combats loss of voice

Simulates neurological activity

Stimulates neurological activity in the brain

combats loss of voice

Improves agility and hand-eye coordination

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Win A 2021 Cadillac Escalade

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Your suggested donations create opportunities for Parkinson’s warriors by helping to sponsor their P4P training and rehabilitation programming.

Warrior Success Stories

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Meet P4P Warrior Noelle Connolly

Meet P4P Warrior Noelle Connolly

Warrior Success StoriesHometown: West Roxbury, MA Home Gym: DTS"After 5 months of participating in P4P my neurologist and physical therapist have seen major improvement neurologically and physically."P4P Warrior Noelle Connolly What are your symptoms? I experience a...

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Meet P4P Warrior Julie Burke

Meet P4P Warrior Julie Burke

Warrior Success StoriesHometown: West Roxbury, MA Age Diagnosed with Parkinson's: 45 Home Gym: 110 Fitness"I teach fifth grade and I notice a difference in my handwriting the next day after intense exercise. My brain is more clear and I’m just generally happier."P4P...

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Meet P4P Warrior Michelle Labadie

Meet P4P Warrior Michelle Labadie

Warrior Success StoriesHometown: Norwell, MA Age Diagnosed with Parkinson's: 49 Home Gym: 110 Fitness"Boxing has decreased my symptoms and improved my overall health"P4P Warrior Michelle Labadie What are your symptoms? Rigidity /stiffness Tremors Dyskinesia How did...

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