Warrior Success Stories

Beverly Brindle

Hometown: Rumford, RI

Age Diagnosed with Parkinson’s: 72

Home Gym: Elite Rock Steady Boxing

“It is vital to my ability to deal with this disease, maintain the best “Me” that I can be, be on the giving and receiving end of the support so important to all of us.”

P4P Warrior Beverly Brindle

What are your symptoms?

I have tremors, particularly in my right arm and hand, and neuropathy in the right leg. There are limitations in range and flexibility in my back and hips, especially on the right and in some shoulder movements. My strength in some actions and activities is somewhat decreased, some movements are more difficult and my balance is less reliable. I’ve had rotator cuff tears and pain in shoulders, hips and low back. With many symptoms it’s difficult to decide if they are from arthritic changes, Parkinson’s disease or the usual effects of aging but are likely a combination of all 3.

How did you hear about Punches 4 Parkinson’s (P4P)?

Through the Elite Rock Steady Boxing program with the announcement that Punch4Parkinsons had provided a grant to Elite that would cover the cost of our boxing class membership for a year.

How important do you feel it is to stay physically active while living with Parkinson’s?

Absolutely necessary! I find myself encouraging others with PD I’ve either met or heard about to do this or some form of regular exercise.

How has training with P4P impacted your symptoms?

I have seen both improvements in and maintenance of strength and range of motion/flexibility in areas that needed that, increases in balance ability in each leg and overall coordination has not been compromised. My neurologist and movement disorder specialist have been very pleased with how I’m doing. Also beneficial are the social relationships and support that are developed within this PD community from other participants and Elite staff.

Have you ever boxed before P4P?

Never! And never imagined owning boxing gloves and doing this in my mid-seventies!

Besides for training your body, how else does the organization support you?

I think that having P4P as an organization whose mission is focused solely on this disease that we all have and working on ways to make it easier for us to deal with the effects of it and be as successful as we can be is so encouraging. Providing the grant to cover expenses at Elite gives all of us the ability to use the funds we would have spent on our classes on other things that can benefit our well-being. P4P, with its varied fundraising activities, also gives us on the receiving end of P4P’s generosity the opportunity to give back to support local programming for others.

What does the organization mean to you, and how has it impacted your life?

It is vital to my ability to deal with this disease, maintain the best “Me” that I can be, be on the giving and receiving end of the support so important to all of us. It allows me to share the experience with others on the same journey and with those who see, understand and care for all of us.


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