Donate To Punch 4 Parkinson’s

julie boxing
“Exercise is absolutely essential to living with this disease. It helps me stay physically, mentally and emotionally balanced.”
~ Julie Burke, P4P Warrior

Our Impact

The annual cost per Warrior for boxing support is close to $5,000, which is a significant burden on individuals. Many of our program participants are close to retirement age, and have other expenses and costs associated with Parkinson’s disease. The implications of these costs, many of which are not covered by insurance, are staggering. The P4P organization aligns Parkinson patients with a certified boxing training facility and covers fees associated with boxing exercise. 100% of your tax-free donation will go directly to the organization Punch 4 Parkinson’s and support costs associated with no-contact boxing rehabilitation programs at participating gyms. Since 2015, Punch 4 Parkinson’s has raised over $1,000,000 and supported over 400 Warriors that battle Parkinson’s each day.

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