Warrior Success Stories

John Moriarty

Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Age Diagnosed with Parkinson’s: 79

Where I Train: 110 Fitness

“I know that if I was not as active as I am, my health and mobility would be so much worse!”

P4P Warrior John Moriarty

What are your symptoms?

I shuffle when I walk, and I use a walker to get around. I am also a bit bent over. I speak very softly sometimes and have a hard time remembering things.

How did you hear about Punches 4 Parkinson’s (P4P)?

I have attended Brett Miller’s 110 Fitness for several years and recently became sponsored by P4P.

How important do you feel it is to stay physically active while living with Parkinson’s?

I know that if I was not as active as I am, my health and mobility would be so much worse! As much as I like boxing there are days that I’d rather stay home and rest but my lovely wife of 56 years, Lorraine, makes sure that doesn’t happen.

How has training with P4P impacted your symptoms?

When we couldn’t go to the gym during Covid and only did exercises at home it was tough. My PD symptoms have improved so much thanks to 110 Fitness, I can really see the difference that boxing makes.

Have you ever boxed before P4P?


Besides for training your body, how else does the organization support you?

Brett has a wealth of knowledge about PD so if my wife has questions about any of my symptoms or therapies, Brett is the first stop for help.

What does the organization mean to you, and how has it impacted your life?

110 Fitness is a wonderful community! In addition to boxing twice per week I swim once a week. We have also participated in bowling and my wife has attended support groups, line dancing demos and parties with other caregivers. I don’t know what our lives would be like without 110 Fitness and P4P.

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