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“Punch 4 Parkinson’s is my medicine… it works and it is fun!”

~Eric, P4P Warrior

How boxing can help people with Parkinson’s

As one of the top types of exercises recommended for people with Parkinson’s, the boxing regimen incorporates stretching, punching, core and footwork, vocal exercises, and mental sequencing. Practitioners have seen improvement in their Parkinson’s symptoms, including:

balance, and flexibility

Improves gait, balance, and flexibility

combats loss of voice

Combats loss of voice

Simulates neurological activity

Stimulates neurological activity in the brain

combats loss of voice

Improves agility and hand-eye coordination

Our Mission

After seeing first-hand the devastating effects of Parkinson’s disease and the therapeutic benefits of boxing workouts, Ryan Roach launched Punch for Parkinson’s. The organization helps to ease the burden of those affected by Parkinson’s Disease and turns them into “Warriors” by combating symptoms through the sport of boxing. At P4P, trainers create immersive programs featuring non-combat boxing, training, and exercise for those diagnosed with the disease.