Warrior Success Stories

Catherine Wesalowski

Hometown: Norfolk

Age Diagnosed with Parkinson’s: 59

Home Gym: Desario Training

“I owe my life to Ryan Roach, Frank Desario and punch 4 Parkinson’s, what they have developed for Parkinson’s patients is life changing…”

P4P Warrior Catherine Wesalowski

What are your symptoms?

REM sleep disorder
Muscle stiffness
Lack of the sense of smell
Digestive issues

How did you hear about Punches 4 Parkinson’s (P4P)?

A close friend of my sons told me about the program on December 31, 2018, and now it’s history.

How important do you feel it is to stay physically active while living with Parkinson’s?

I’ve been including daily exercise in my life ever since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. When I do, my tremors are minimal and much more controlled, and sleeping is not an issue. Since working with P4P, my Parkinson’s symptoms have decreased and my neurology appointments are more positive.

How has training with P4P impacted your symptoms?

Training with Punch 4 Parkinson’s has taught me proper form and techniques. Smaller groups make injuries less likely, which can happen in large gym groups settings.

Have you ever boxed before P4P?

Yes, I participated in a Rock Steady boxing program (another boxing program to help battle Parkinson’s) which I will never forget, and went on to get certified in Rock Steady.

Besides for training your body, how else does the organization support you?

Mentally, my gym members and coaches are always there to help if I have bad days we are all helped and encouraged. I am stronger both mentally and physically to fight back against this incurable disease with their support.

What does the organization mean to you, and how has it impacted your life?

I owe my life to Ryan Roach, Frank Desario and Punch 4 Parkinson’s. What they have developed for Parkinson’s patients is life changing. I am very blessed to be able to have them in my life and to help me fight this disease.

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